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01 March 2004

10 songs using shuffle on my iPod

OK, I'm finally going to contribute to this supposedly "joint" blog...First, I'll answer James' question: John Cusack was the sexiest man at the Oscars. Now, on to the first 10 songs that pop up on my iPod on shuffle (just following Joe's example ;-)):

1. I'm Going Slightly Mad (Queen/Classic Queen Volume I)
2. Infield Folks (Randy Newman/Seabiscuit)
3. That's How Love Moves (Faith Hill/Breathe)
4. Overthrow (Instrumental/Outlaw Star OST 2)
5. Uptown Girl (Billy Joel/Greatest Hits Volume 2)
6. Live to Tell (Madonna/Immaculate Collection)
7. When i Find Peace of Mind (Instrumental/Neon Genesis Evangelion)
8. May It Be (Enya/Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring OST)
9. Cold Cold Heart (Norah Jones/Come Away With Me)
10. The Hornburg (Howard Shore/Lord of the Rings: Two Towers OST)


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