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10 February 2005

Spermatozoa or Glasses Half Empty

My older brother is a musician:
+ He majored in Music Performance at Michigan State University. (Whether or not he actually graduated hinges on a point of technicality. Yes, really.)
+ He plays the tuba in a brass quintet.
+ He works for Marshall Music during the school year, traveling to various school districts, letting students try out various musical instruments and helping them decide which fits them best.
+ He assists my sister-in-law with her duties as a high school band director.
+ He enjoys creating experimental electronica.

It is in this last pursuit that you may most readily experience his work, if you are interested. I have a couple CDs full of his stuff, but you can also listen to a couple of his songs from the following page:

Will you like his music? When I listen to his CDs, some of the tracks I quite enjoy and others I skip because they sound like obnoxious noise. I dunno... try it and find out, I guess.


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