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17 May 2005

6 Reasons a Sailboat is Better Than a Motorhome

For those interested in a nomadic lifestyle, the first thing to decide is whether or not to turtle. That is, whether you wish to take your home with you. If so, you've got three basic choices... pack animals, motorhomes, and boats. The trouble with pack animals is that you must disassemble your housing every time you wish to relocate and reconstruct it wherever you squat. So for convenience and comfort, that leaves you with the choice of overland or seafaring.

A while ago I complained about RVs aloud and the Princess asked how they differ fundamentally from sailboats (which we plan to live aboard someday). Clearly:

1) Pollution - the primary method of propulsion for sailboats is clean and free

2) Noise - the sound of luffing sails is ever more pleasant than a rumbling motor

3) Size - being the largest and most ungainly vehicles on the road makes motorhomes a danger and annoyance to other drivers

4) Ways - the restrictions imposed by roadways seem like a gridded prison compared to the freedom of the open ocean

5) Range - sailboats are not limited to 2 or 3 continents as motorhomes are

6) Sex Appeal - put simply, motorhomes are boxy and ugly while sailboats sleek and beautiful