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05 August 2005

English, pfft...

Why is it that, in English, the female-gendered pronoun is the same as the female-gendered possessive, yet the male-gendered pronoun and possessive differ?


Damn, take a look at her.
I would love to plow her trough.

Well, would you listen to him?
I find his examples highly inappropriate!

01 August 2005

Hey! Get Your Blood Off My Backglass!

Oh, the shame.

Last night, The Princess and I were "watching" yet another Sci-Fi Channel original movie. We like to TiVo these and turn them on for background noise while she scrounges the web for fanfiction and I do, uh, whatever it is I do. (Last night, for example, I designed the cut plan for a wooden dice tower in AppleWorks Draw, the only drawing software that ever made sense to me.) Every once in a while we look up and cringe at the horrid dialogue or giggle at the special-but-not-in-a-good-way effects. Then we glance at each other and complain about it. Hey, it's a bonding thing.

So we had this thing on, Bloodsuckers, and my eyes happened to land on the screen when one of the characters was standing in front of a pinball machine that looked quite familiar. I backed up the TiVo and verified that it is the same machine we own and play regularly, Stars made by Stern in 1978.

The machine can be seen three times throughout the movie, the second time all by its lonesome in a very curious tight shot of the head, blood oozing down the backglass! And their backglass was in better shape than mine. Jerks.