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06 October 2006

State of Denial

1. There are no Star Wars prequels. The saga begins with Episode IV: A New Hope and ends with Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi. You think you've seen Episodes I - III? *shakes head sadly* You poor soul, your delusions are truly frightening, aren't they?

2. There can be only one Highlander movie.

3. There are two Alien movies: Alien and Aliens. Anything you believe you may have seen after that was simply a result of indigestion. Besides, it wouldn't make sense... Alienses?

4. Star Trek: Generations? Sorry, that's a myth. Never happened.

5. Airwolf had three seasons. Period. That show some say was broadcasted on USA network in which Dominic died, Stringfellow was injured and whisked away, and Archangel and Caitlin simply disappeared, was a bastardized imposter designed to reduce true Airwolf fans to tears. Not that I would know...

6. The last six years in American history are just part of a particularly nasty nightmare. Hopefully, I'll wake up soon and discover that Clinton's still president, the economy is booming, we're not at war with anyone, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights still mean something. Please, let me wake up soon.