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31 January 2007

My Childhood Hero

Hey, look, there's a weblog here.

When I was six years of age, I was pulled out of my class at North Aurelius Elementary School for about 10 minutes to participate in a sort of interview with an MSU student. I didn't (and don't) understand what the selection process was and I didn't (and don't) fully understand what the purpose was. My understandably nebulous recollection hovers near the student studying gender indoctrination, but for some reason, I thought poetry was also involved.

Whatever the case, one of the questions was whether or not I had a hero. I don't believe that, to that point, I had given it any thought. But a moment later, I blurted out, "Jack Lambert." Why had his name come so readily to mind? Because I had his trading card. I had a handful of other football cards too, so I'm not sure how I selected Lambert specifically. I really didn't know anything about him other than what he looked like (from the photo on the card), the team for which he played (Pittsburgh Steelers), and that he was a linebacker.

And who was this Jack Lambert, you are probably asking while only half caring. On a whim, I just looked him up. Turns out that he might have been the greatest defensive player in the history of American football. If you're interested, you can read a little about him on wikipedia. By the time I was in high school, I realized that my true hero was (and is) my father. But Lambert's name stuck with me all these years.

Coincidentally, I remember only one other question from the interview. The student asked me if there was anything boys could do that girls couldn't. I felt confused and told her no (this I credit to my parents). Then, after a few seconds I said, "but I know something girls can do that boys can't." When she prompted for the conclusion of my thought I exclaimed, "have babies!"