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27 April 2007


Some folks are picky, and that's ok. Some people are indecisive, and that is also just fine. But in combination... sigh.

So, new law: If you are going to be choosy, then you must choose. So mote it be.


18 April 2007

The Frugal Date

The Princess and I had a hot date last night. No need to avert your eyes; we're old married nerds, so in context "hot" means the Princess regaled me with exploits of her intrepid druid in protracted battle with Dugog the ogre. That there was a nerd detector; you may now self-assess... if you thought to yourself, "hey, that does sound kinda hot," then there can be no doubt.

Being part Scottish, and therefore partly not crap, the thrifty nature of our night out became a point of interest to me...

$ 7.00 = total for both of our movie tickets on Discount Tuesday (we enjoyed Shooter)
$ 2.75 = Gummi Bears (which I called "extravagant", Princess called "staple")
$12.40 = pizza, soup, sodas, cinnamon rolls for two at CiCi's
$22.15 = grand total for the date

That was our first visit to CiCi's Pizza and I say with certainty that we shall return. We arrived 20 minutes before their closing time of 10:00pm and we had the place to ourselves. We asked if they were trying to close up, but the manager (district manager, it turned out) assured us that we could and should dine. During peak hours, he explained, they have 20 kinds of pizza in 10 minute rotation, but as they were preparing to close, they had shut down the pizza buffet. Instead, he said they would happily prepare a custom pizza for us with our toppings of choice. He insisted on making a pizza for each of us, but we finally convinced him we would never eat that much, so he made one half with fungus (alas, one of the Princess' only two disgusting habits) and half without. I also overheard him asking the cook to throw in a fresh batch of their cinnamon rolls. Everything was quite tasty. As we turned to leave, the manager stopped us in our tracks, boxed up the whole slab of cinnamon rolls and sent them along with us. I recommend CiCi's without hesitation.

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