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14 February 2004

Thunderbird Coffee House

It's Valentine's Day which, of course, means comic books. In college, I gave the Princess one of those sizable red foil boxes full of chocolates. She's not real big on chocolates (or maybe she's not real big off chocolates) so she wasn't even going to open it. But I cut off its head with my vorpal blade and candy sprayed out of its neck... surprise, it's a pinata! No, actually, it was full of Wolverine back issues on her want list. These days, I've stopped bothering to impress the Princess with special gifts on special days since, you know, there's no sense in it. I happily buy her anything her heart desires on any day of the year. And if I were to trade gifts for the expectation of a yank on the bunny's singing string, I would consider it an insult to the Princess.

But today is Valentine's Day and we drove down to Nostalgia Ink in Jackson, which is our comic shop of choice. Right next door we found the new Thunderbird Coffee House. We had heard the establishment's name during the Impact's local music feature on the Jacktown Hustlers, who mentioned they would be playing at the Thunderbird. So we popped in after purchasing our monthly stack of the Princess' manga and a graphic novel or two for myself. I rather enjoyed the place; it has a casual (rather than stuffy), local (rather than chain), earthy (rather than pretentious) vibe. Some of the artwork for sale on the wall creeped me out a bit, but hey. There's a really nice mural of some historical revolutionaries which makes a good quiz. And the sign on their door says they have wireless. Step on in if you're down Jackson way.


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