The Princess and the Pirate

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19 March 2004

Beautiful dreamer

If only a single word could describe me, that word might very well be "dilatory." In fact, that's what the D stands for in the non-actual case that D is my middle initial. But every dozen shaves or so I'm struck with that tingly sensation inside. An urge to clean my home office. So it was that the last time I had that special feeling, I took the opportunity to hang up a couple of plaques that my crazy friend Aila had given to me, years prior, before she was called Aila. She had hand painted and lettered one plaque with the word BEAUTY and the other with the word DREAM. When deciding where to hang these brazen, morphemically-challenged locutions, I thought it foxy to use them for labels over the two doors in my office. BEAUTY leads to the rest of the house, and ultimately the rest of the universe. DREAM leads to the closet. Now they loom disconcertingly with the iconic power of epithet.


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