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20 July 2004

My Six Favorite Mac OS X FREEWARE Games

In alphabetical order...

Battle for Wesnoth - hex-based strategy game, but units are individual characters and a story thread links the scenarios

Double - slightly quirky version of the patience tile game commercially known as Shanghai (not Mahjong dammit!)

Goban - the finest Go available without an actual wooden board; thank the hoshi that computers cannot play go as well as humans (I've only beat the machine a couple times as it is)

JewelToy - action puzzle game that even your SO will love

Lightning's Shadow - classic artillery game made very very fun (fantastic example of how to enhance the game play of a venerable crusty); I make with the whooping and hollering playing this more than any other

Primate Plunge - vertical platformer with a cute monkey, but the hurt monkey sounds make me feel bad

HONORABLE MENTIONS (that is, the rest of the top ten)

Aquatomic - Sokoban made more interesting by Ricochet Robot piece movement and (gasp!) some educational content

GridX - math is hard... let's go shopping

Kiki the Nanobot - cute puzzle game that is very 3D (think tesseract, or maybe an Escher illo)

Oolite - remake of Elite (nostalgic drool); Panther only, or it would have edged out Primate Plunge in the top 6

Please feel free to opine or proffer in the comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm choked!

A top six for JewwelToy and an honourable mention for Oolite.

Thank you.

-- Giles Williams (

2:00 PM  

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