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30 September 2004


An addictive little diversion I devised. Using Google Images, with your Preferences set to Moderate Filtering (the default), enter random female first names in search of pr0n. (It's too easy with the filtering off.)

See if you can find a pattern. For example, does the "ie" version of a name return more topless images than the "y" version (e.g. Mandie versus Mandy)? Which names return the most manga? The most furries?

22 September 2004

Oh Ess Ten Too Ate Oolite

A couple months ago, I posted my six favorite OS X freeware games, wherein I made mention of Oolite, an ambitious game of space trading and dogfighting. My complaint at the time was that it was for Panther only, but the author, Giles Williams, has since adjusted the code to allow execution on Jaguar. I have been happily playing on my clamshell iBook SE since v1.20 and I recommend you give it a try if you are at all interested in this type of game.

15 September 2004

Subtle Geek Detectors

On my way back from the vending machines, I realized I was whistling the theme song to Lupin III (an old anime show) and it occurred to me that I was implementing a geek detector. Had anyone recognized it, they likely would have at least smiled knowingly; possibly they would have started whistling along or remarked, "Hey, Lupin!" But to anyone else, I was just whistling a tune they had never heard.

Another detector I've seen is a polo shirt worn by a co-worker which bears a small CyberDyne logo, just some tech firm unless you know they will be responsible for SkyNet.

09 September 2004

Day Sleeper

OK, she doesn't actually sleep all day, but she could if she felt like it. My good friend Aila (or perhaps you know her as [Crazy] Jackie) is currently the guinea pig in an experiment to help determine the effects of being bedridden (well, that's my layman's interpretation anyway). This sounds like an interesting study, especially considering the quintessentially nomadic subject. Read about her thoughts (and share your comments) as she experiences this unusual circumstance on her weblog, View with a Room.