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17 February 2004

Upcoming piecepack article in GAMES Magazine

Sunday evening I gave a phone interview with W. Eric Martin, a freelance writer who is preparing an article concerning the piecepack for GAMES Magazine. The article is currently scheduled for the June/July issue. He appeared a pleasant, low-key sort of fellow and we had a decent chat.

Since our conversation, I have given some thought to a particular aspect of the piecepack that shaped its design, but without mental concreteness. I have always listed the piecepack's formative goals as:
1) Flexibility (including genericy, adaptability, and variety)
2) Availability (including affordability and portability)
3) Completeness (including autonomy)

But I ought to add to that:
4) Approachability (including simplicity and familiarity)

Approachability was, in fact, an overarching design requirement, but which was mostly solved automatically by patterning the piecepack on playing cards. Still, always nice to put your finger on something that's been nebulously floating about in the thought melange for years.


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