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21 July 2004

The Road More Travelled

Today I did something that, in the past, I had always remarked I would never do. I registered to vote.

I am truly a believer in non-participatory, non-representative government, benevolent monarchy being my favorite. And what to do when the monarchy turns out to be not-so-benevolent? Bloody revolution. Nope, I'm not kidding. Yeah, it's probably one of those things like how do you know until it actually happens. PHI 201 kinda stuff. But hey.

So, having lived in a democracy my entire life, I had always chosen to refrain from voting, as is my right. It had just never occured to me that we would have a president so bad that I felt compelled to take such drastic action as bothering to vote.

Ah well, staunch conviction is for the weak.


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