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25 February 2004

6 most cinematic moments in film

There are films which are transportive throughout, such as Fellowship of the Rings and Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are films which have endings that knock you from your chair, like The Usual Suspects and American Beauty. There are films with scenes that compel you toward an overwhelming emotional response, such as the punishment scene of Glory or the reading of Thoreau's line in Dead Poets Society. But there also moments on film that, regardless of whether the movie is good or not, bring me to a place I can only describe as cinematic. My mouth hangs open not out of fear, or awe, or even anticipation, but for the pure magic of cinema. These are my favorite such scenes, in alphabetical order. I have been deliberately vague to avoid spoilers, since each of these is worth seeing yourself.

Aliens - Ripley and Newt stumble into the core of the nest.
Immortal Beloved - Young Beethoven lies back in a lake of stars.
Legend - Una runs among giant columns.
The Professional - Matilda begs Leon to open the door.
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi - Dusk falls.
The Untouchables - Confrontation plays out on the subway staircase.


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