The Princess and the Pirate

Adventure / Comedy (more)

27 July 2004


Having missed Stephen Glenn's (annual?) game designer PowWow and reducing my vacation days at work, I decided to make something of the leave time I did have off. So, in my roll, crawl, stagger, stagger, crawl toward piratical pursuits, last weekend I arranged sailing lessons for the Princess and myself.

Lisa Berg, the chipper skipper at Midwest Sailing on Portage Lake, Michigan, patiently instructed us aboard a 19' Flying Scot. Naturally, after an hour on the tiller, the Princess found crewing more to her liking, so I skippered the reamining four and a half hours of instruction (split across 3 days).

Day one left me a bit dazed. Day two left me a bit down, having made a couple foolish mistakes. But day three left me confident. We certainly need more practice, but I believe that we could get from any point A to any point B on a lake under normal conditions. We can rig the jib and the main, and can launch and land, provided the headwind isn't too strong and shifty. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone in the area who wishes to aquire the ancient art of the mariner.


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